Chamber Services:

TACCI - Midwest will help you and your business find the resources through our:


      Membership Services

·         Networking events and lobbying, round-table meetings

·         Trade related seminars, conferences, and workshops

·         Members-only website assistance anad placement

·         TACCI-Midwest database access

·         Small Business Resources 


      Business Plan Development

·         Business Partner Search

·         Property Search & Regional Market Analysis

·         Accounting Support

·         Job-Recruitment

·         Budget Planning and Analysis

·         Marketing Strategy Development

·         Selling Techniques  


      Trade Services

·         Information about Trade Fairs

·         Understanding the market and competition

·         Information about potential business partners

·         Industry Specific Market Research

·         Matchmaking Activities

·         Market Entry Strategies

·         Trade Missions

·         US Customs and Regulations

·         Freight Support

·         Product Labeling and FDA Regulations

·         Visa/Travel Arrangements  


      News and Events

·         TACCI - Midwest Event Listings

·         Regional Trade Show Listing 


      Legal Assistance

The Chamber can assist you in finding professional advice and representation about any legal issues related to Turkey, the USA, and any bilateral matter between the two countries. The legal services provided for Chamber members in both Turkey and the USA include:

·         Business setup, registration of companies,

·         Trade and investment regulations, export, import,

·         Customs and tax regulations, business disputes,

·         Debt recovery, immigration and work permits. 


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Invest in Turkey

Silk Road 2012

7th Annual Silk Road Conference: 
Economic and Energy Security  

May 14-18, 2012
Chicago, IL

Silk Road 2011

July 20, 2011
Chicago, IL

Medical Tourism 2010

Model Partnership in Healthcare
United States and Turkey 
March 12-13, 2010
Chicago, IL

Medical Tourism 2009

Medical Tourism in Turkey

April 16th, 2009
Chicago, IL

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